In my research I explored the current Side View Assist (SVA) technology incorporated into BMW motorbikes which use ultrasonic sensors to determine oncoming objects. I felt that while this safety feature was important, the information being relayed to the rider was too simplistic and binary. 

With the help of a re-designed SVA, I hope to expand upon the already existing vehicle-to-rider communication. Ideally the warning would maintain the 'lack of' distraction to the rider, but increase the amount of information being communicated. For example, distance, direction and context are all factors which are important for the rider to know when a potential collision is being detected.
​​​​​​​Introducing Smart-Aware 360, a smart glass casing that fits the existing TFT-display which comes fitted on all BMW motorbikes. This glass panel takes further advantage of the ultrasonic sensors by communicating a higher lever of detail to the rider. 
This panel glows a variety of different colours, indicating an intuitive 360 degree direction of oncoming objects and their distance from the motorbike. As shown in the images below, the colour change occurs around the panel, 'pointing' in the direction of the object relative to the rider. The glow fades from yellow to red in colour, relatively indicating a general warning to immediate danger. 

Additional use-cases can always be explored, such as using the colour green to indicate fuel or battery efficiency when riding. ​​​​​​​
Here are some extra images of myself and the two other interns (Jake Day and Kilian Frunz) at the Design Academy. You can see the main studio room where our presentations were held as well as where the BMW M8 is located!

Please feel free to read more about my intern experience at the Academy via my blog post on their website: 

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