Realistic Modern Lamp
Modelled in Blender

I modelled this lamp as a test for myself to see what I could achieve in Blender in the space of a few hours. Having learnt the program as a beginner, and feeling comfortable with all parts of the modelling experience (3D model, texturing, materials, lighting, environment and rendering)  I decided to design a modern lamp in a standard indoor environment. My main focus was achieving as much realism as possible. 
As shown in the images, I aimed to achieve a realistic setting and used a variety of materials. The glass fairly easy and simple to achieve, however the texture of the lamp shade and dry wall was more difficult to create. The wood grain of the table and white paint coat on the legs also proved to be harder than originally thought when focusing on close-up realism. 

Overall I really enjoyed this exercise and am happy with the outcome. Below are some images of other projects I completed as part of my Blender learning experience. The car wheel is featured in it's own post - please feel free to check it out!

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